Critter Care ​Extraordinaire

  Welcome to Critter Care Extraordinaire, We are a dog walking / pet sitting service.  We cater to your pet's needs, be it solo walks or small pack walks. We tailor our walks  to your pet's  needs.  

I am available to walk your dog while you explore the beauty

of San Luis Obispo Co.

Pet sitting services are in your home to alleviate stress and maintain routine and will include, walks, playtime and feeding on schedule. 

Loving Care Like

you are there

My Humans

About Buddy

Lost & Found

If my humans manage to stray from me, please give them a call. I can’t leave them to their own devices for long!

This is a friend that stopped by my former restaurant.  He liked it so much he stayed for two days snacking on local Halibut. 

I watch over a family of seven that includes me.   My name is Norman Bates.  The big ones think they’re in charge,  but the truth is, it's the "ines" are in charge, as in canines and felines.